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WRITERS BOOK CLUB was created over fifteen years ago, when the author, described below, felt there had to be a more convenient way for aspiring writers to have their literary works published. As a resourceful individual and after considerable study he visualized a new way to accomplish his goal. It came  through the use of "Print-On-Demand" or "POD" technology, an alternative to bottom-line book publishing firms who have dominated the book printing industry for years.  To their misfortune, a number of book publishers failed to recognize the importance of this new technology, and today they are scrambling to meet the competition caused by individual writers and advance thinking organization, like Amazon who  have learned how to turn beat the system. And today, because of this books on demand -- and e-books are reaching the far corners of the world, adding knowledge as it does. But while success might reach many new writers, all is not Gold. Quality of works produced must never be overlooked.

   About the Author

JOHN HANKINS is a retired Hospital Executive. In that and other capacities, his previous work --  military and civilian, extensive travel was a requirement. He was raised on the island of Oahu, Hawaii; holds a number of degrees. At age 16 he joined the Merchant Marine, that was service in the Pacific where he quickly learned about shark and submarine infested waters, typhoons, floating mines and other life-threatening dangers.  The  war in the Pacific ended for him at Okinawa, but instead of returning to the U.S. like other veterans, this ship and its crew were sent to places like Korea, Philippines, India and China. Seven months later it returned to the U.S. What to do next became paramount in the author's mind. An enlistment in the U.S. Army came next. Basic and medical specialty training followed, as did an assignment to Europe as a member of the Occupation Forces of Germany and Austria, with Linz, Austria, Hitler's favorite City on the Danube, becoming his home base for several years. While there, promotions came easy but it didn't take him long to recognize the fact he lacked a formal education and something had to be done.

Upon completion of his overseas tour, and while assigned to different military bases, he managed to secure night and day shifts duties in order to further his education by enrolling in local colleges and universities. In time he gained a number of degrees, and a commission as a  Second Lieutenant in the USAF Medical Service Corps.  As expected, more overseas assignments followed -- along with  advancements in grade. After several decades of service, he decided to retire, and went on to practice his profession  as a Hospital Administrator and consultant.

During that time he was often called upon to be a speaker or quest lecturer, with radio and television appearances being part of a busy schedule. In time,, appointment as an Adjunct Professor to a renowned university where he taught hospital management courses to graduate students In addition to the  above he is the author of a number of professional articles on health care and other subjects, many of which have relevance to the nature of his work. With the passage of time a career change seemed appropriate, and at that time he decided to become a writer of novels and the like. Courses in Creative writing, Poetry, Journalism, and  screenplays followed. From the auspicious base literary endeavors burst out like "a  stream of frothing white water cascading over boulder-filled rapids of a swollen river." In short, what you see here represents an exciting adventure into the realm of fiction,poetry and fantasy!


Cayman Gold . . . John Hankins has put together a fascinating and suspenseful fiction tale of the efforts of die-hard Nazi SS officers to spirit tons of gold and other treasures out of the Reichbank in Berlin just as the war was coming to its cataclysmic end in 1945

I rarely read books any longer, but when I got to Cayman Gold I couldn't put it down until I finished. It must be made into a movie . . .
 D. L.,  Hilo, Hi.

Writers Digest
Magazine Award

Bouquet Island
Wow, this book really starts off with a big event and a crisis of sorts. . . I was hooked after the first few scenes . . . 

Writers Digest Magazine 
Martha's Will . . . a return to the rollicking, picturesque tales written by Robert Lewis Taylor (The travels of Jamie McPheeters) and William Faulkner's (The Rewers). The characters are memorable  and quirky without being contrived -- and the author has a golden ear for dialogue.   . . this is kind of book that will thrive on word of mouth

Writer’s Digest Award for Independent Publishers.

Cayman Gold
"Crackling good treasure hunt aspect of the story. Neo-Nazis -- gold stolen from Jews -- kidnapping and murder. What more could a reader want?

And there's a lot more than what's shown above ....

For information about the Cayman Gold Film project, address all      inquires to: 

          Marc Meir
  Tel:(917) 622-3199

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